Digital X-Rays

For many decades the dental industry has been using traditional film-based x-rays to take images of the inside of patients’ mouths. Today we have progressed so much that we now have access to digitally based scanning equipment that is better in every way. Better digital scanning equipment means we can see more clearly into your jawbone and teeth, making it much easier for us to make diagnoses and recommend solutions for specific issues. Because the images are high quality, we can catch small signs before they become big problems.

The system uses a 3D scanner to complete a computer-based tomography scanning of your entire head using a panoramic imaging system. This imaging system takes millions of images and stitches them together to create a completed image of your internal bone structure and your teeth. This means that we now use less radiation, no film, and get results instantly. While the radiation produced by a traditional x-ray machine is negligible, it is better to use less or none at all if possible.

Why We Use Digital X-Rays:

  • Faster
  • Safer
  • High-Definition
  • 3D Imaging
  • Less Radiation
  • Digital Files

If you have any questions about how we use digital x-rays in our practice or any of the other technologies we use, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Mission Peak Dental Care is here to restore your dental health and preserve your smile for decades to come.