sedation dentistry fremont ca

April 18, 2021

Ease Your Dental Anxiety With Sedation Dentistry

Do you often experience anxiety or fear when visiting a dentist? If yes, then sedation dentistry in Fremont, CA, can help you surpass this obstacle. Always remember that avoiding dental care due to anxiety or fear will do you no good. Below are the types of sedation dentistry that may help ease your nervousness.

sedation dentistry fremont ca

What Are the Types of Sedation Dentistry?


Mild sedation can be administered through inhalation or orally. The most widely-used form is nitrous oxide, otherwise called “laughing gas.” This type of sedative numbs the affected area while allowing you to stay conscious for the entire treatment. Nitrous oxide allows them to feel entirely relaxed and at ease.


Intravenous sedation and oral medication are the most common moderate types of sedation. IV sedation is injected directly into your bloodstream through a vein to make you relax faster. Akin to mild sedatives, IV sedation allows you to be conscious throughout the process. The length and level of sedation can also be controlled by a dentist.

As for oral medication, this is prescribed before the scheduled dental appointment. It is usually taken by a patient before he arrives at the dental clinic. In this way, the drugs will have time to take effect before your treatment starts.

Deep Sedation

This type of sedative is administered to patients who have severe dental anxiety. General anesthesia is one of its most common forms. It is often given to patients who are about to receive complex or invasive oral treatments such as dental implants or root canals. If your dentist or oral surgeon recommends this type of sedative, you will be fully unconscious during the treatment.

sedation dentistry fremont ca

Know More About Sedation Dentistry in Fremont, CA

Moderate and deep sedation require that you bring along a friend or family member to your dental appointment. This is to guarantee that you arrive home safely after your treatment. Schedule an appointment with Mission Peak Dental Care to know more about sedation dentistry.