When do I need emergency dentistry in Fremont, CA?

October 26, 2020

Myths about Dental Emergencies Debunked

Got a dislodged tooth or a couple of broken teeth? Don’t worry about it! Emergency dentistry in Fremont, CA, can restore your damaged tooth and bring back the confidence in your smile. Just make sure to make your way to an emergency dentist so it can be addressed immediately.

Unfortunately, not everyone takes dental emergencies seriously because of certain myths and misconceptions. People who delay treatment may end up losing their teeth or suffer from an infection. In this article, we will debunk some common myths about dental emergencies.

What are the Myths about Dental Emergencies?

Dental Infections Will Go Away on Their Own

A lot of people think that dental infections will eventually go away on their own. It’s because they feel pain at the start, but then it disappears later. Most likely, you’re not feeling any problem because the infection has already killed the nerves in your tooth. The truth is, dental conditions typically need professional treatment and will not go away on their own.

You Can Re-plant a Partially Knocked-out Tooth on Your Own 

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Whether you partially or entirely knocked out your tooth, an emergency dentist can typically re-plant it back in its socket­-­not you. Putting your knocked out back in its place may seem easy.  However, it’s more complicated than you think.

Most importantly, your emergency dentist will check for any other damages and other possible problems with the area around where your tooth was knocked out. Often, trauma to the mouth will cause damage outside of the visual scaring. If you knock out your tooth, don’t hesitate to seek help from emergency dentistry in Fremont, CA. 

You Don’t Need to See a Dentist Until You Start to Feel Sharp Persistent Pains in Your Mouth.

Dental emergencies can be avoided by practicing good oral hygiene and by visiting a dentist regularly. But, if you only go to the dentist whenever you feel pain, you’re more likely to experience a dental emergency. You may need to undergo extensive treatments to restore your smile. 

Where to receive emergency dentistry in Fremont, CA?

Looking for Emergency Dentistry in Fremont, CA?

Emergency dentistry in Fremont, CA, can save your smile during a dental emergency! So, don’t hesitate to seek help from Mission Peak Dental Care during dental emergencies.