Night Guards - Protect from damage

Night guard helps protect teeth from irreversible damage, sensitivity, fractures in teeth that result from clenching and grinding habits.

Your dentist will take a cast of your teeth, and based on that model, come up with a set of custom night guards that will fit your mouth perfectly. Night guards are comfortable enough to sleep with and will prevent years of damage from occurring in the future. Sleep apnea can also have serious consequences if left untreated for many years. Talk to your dentist about a night guard if your snoring doesn’t seem to get better and you need help breathing at night.

Why Choose a Night Guard?

  • Custom Made
  • Opens Airways
  • Prevents Bruxism
  • Treats Sleep Apnea
  • Protect Teeth
  • Reduces Snoring

If you are having trouble sleeping properly or have issues with teeth grinding in your sleep, then a night guard might be just what you need. Mission Peak Dental Care is here to help you restore your sleep and your oral health.