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August 8, 2021

Signs You Have a Dental Implant Infection

Dental implants in Fremont, CA, are a remarkable treatment option for a wide range of . Every year, approximately five million implants are placed by dentists in the United States. However, once you have one, you must take good care of it. 

Having a dental implant that has become infected is both painful and frustrating. If you encounter any of these infection signs, you should visit a dentist as soon as possible. 

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Three Symptoms of an Infected Dental Implant

If your dental implant is causing you problems for a while now, you must act quickly. Ignoring the problem and hoping it goes away will not only make things worse, but you’ll also risk the infection spreading throughout your body. Continue reading to learn about the most common signs and symptoms of a dental implant infection. 

Fever, Swelling, and Chills

A small amount of swelling around the surgery site is expected after having dental implants. It should, however, lessen after the first several days. Increased swelling and redness are signs of infection, especially when fever and chills are present. 

Loose Implant

Dental implants are secured directly into the jawbone to prevent them from becoming loose. After it is implanted, it should be stable for the rest of your life. If your implant is loose or wiggly, it means something went wrong, and you may need more treatment. 

Bad Breath and Constant Bad Taste

A buildup of bacteria and debris in dental implants causes infection. You may notice a strange or unpleasant taste in your mouth as they sit in your gums and seep into your mouth. You might also discover that you have a case of bad breath that won’t go away. 

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Find Out More About Dental Implants in Fremont, CA

Dental implant issues don’t have to be life-threatening. Seeing a dentist as soon as you notice symptoms can save your mouth and dental implants from long-term damage. 

Make an appointment right away if you suspect you have an infected dental implant. Contact us at Mission Peak Dental Care, and we’ll help you get rid of the infection so you can start feeling better.