Tooth Extractions

Do you have a troublesome tooth? If so, you may need a tooth extraction to live your best life. At Mission Peak Dental Care, our team is committed to getting you the smile you deserve.

What is a Tooth Extraction?

If a tooth is broken, cracked or extensively decayed it may be necessary to remove it. Unfortunately, in some cases, damage to teeth is so advanced that it may be necessary to extract a tooth in order to maintain dental health.

Likewise, a tooth that is associated with advanced stages of periodontal disease should be removed, as well as teeth that are poorly positioned or non-functional.

Types of Extractions


  • A simple extraction requires the removal of a visible, permanent tooth
  • A forceps tool is used to grip and extract it


  • The removal of a tooth beneath gum tissue
  • Surgical instruments are required to make a small incision for extraction

Are You Looking for Tooth Extractions in California?

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