patient talking to his dentist for fremont comprehensive dentistry

February 14, 2022

What Exactly Is Comprehensive Dentistry? 

It’s critical to choose an office that offers Fremont comprehensive dentistry which fulfils all of your requirements, including high-quality dental services. We recommend looking for an expert who can take care of all of your dental needs! What does that include? We’ll go through what it means to have comprehensive dental care and how it can help you and your family! 

dentist conducting dental check up as part of fremont comprehensive dentistry 

A Brief Summary

There’s a lot more to a full dental exam than merely cleaning your teeth. To ensure optimal oral health, it entails a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of the patient, which includes everything from pre-existing diseases to gum health, as well as screenings and diagnostic exams.  

However, not every dentist is as thorough as others. Some of the following are included in thorough dental examinations: 

What to Expect

Analyze Every Single Tooth

A tooth-by-tooth examination is more thorough than a conventional dental exam since the dentist examines each tooth individually. Not only does the dentist search for discoloration and plaque, but they also look for chips and other damage. Checking the condition of previous fillings or other types of repair work is also part of the dental exam. 

Exam of the Periodontium

Gums that have receded or are bleeding are a sign of a problem with your teeth. Gum disease can cause tooth loss, as well as other health problems. By preventing problems before they become serious, treating gum disease early can save the patient a lot of time and money. 

Screening for Diseases

Screenings are completed that include an extraoral examination of the head and neck, as well as an intraoral examination of the oral soft tissues, to discover early symptoms of diseases such as: 

  • Oral cancer 
  • TMJ disorders (TMD) 
  • Gum disease 

 Exams for a Diagnosis

Digital x-rays are taken as part of your full dental exam for diagnostic purposes. Depending on your unique needs, additional diagnostic procedures such as radiography or other imaging will be discussed with you. 

dentist and patient checking x-ray result as part of fremont comprehensive dentistry 

Set Up Your Fremont Comprehensive Dentistry Exam Right Away!

You can schedule a full dental exam with our helpful team. A more thorough dental examination may be necessary if you feel pain or discomfort in your mouth despite frequent cleaning. Contact us today to know more!